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Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunication *

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Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunication

The telecom industry is experiencing innovation due to AI and IoT technologies.

Telcos have shifted from just providing basic services to using AI to predict future behavior, up-sell opportunities, and reduce churn rates.

Telecom companies use AI to tap into their vast data reservoir, which includes information from mobile devices, networks, geo-location intelligence, and customer profiles.

AI helps secure actionable insights, provide better customer experience, improve operations, and increase revenue.

Telecom AI applications such as network optimization, predictive maintenance, and cybersecurity solutions are growing, with more than 63% of companies implementing AI to improve their network infrastructure.

AI monitoring systems are used to monitor traffic, predict anomalies, and reroute traffic.

Telecom companies can help unify intelligence, usage patterns across connected devices, and identify deeper patterns.

To develop efficient AI, telecom companies need a strong foundation of combining deep telecom domain expertise, data science, and AI knowledge.

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